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Sunset in Maine.jpg is your source for the FujiClean wastewater treatment system. FujiClean is the world's most popular and best performing wastewater treatment system with installations in 20 countries. FujiClean is popular with both installers and engineers for its compact size, ease of installation and tremendous ability to treat wastewater in environmentally sensitive areas. 

FujiClean ATU diagram-1.png offers installation and design assistance as well as the worlds most advanced treatment systems.
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Most FujiClean ATUs fit in the back of a pickup truck, and can be lifted with the help of two strong individuals.

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Perfect Solution for Remote Locations
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FujiClean ATUs are found protecting the environment on sensitive coastlines all over the world.

For the purpose of most residential building requirements, the CE series (NSF40) is suitable for Type 2 applications,  while the CEN series (NSF245) are suitable for Type 3 applications.  NSF testing data results for CE Series show 10mg/L of TSS and 9 mg/L BOD, and the CEN units reduce total nitrogen by 75 per cent.


FujiClean aerobic treatment units can  be specified to tackle wastewater treatment issues such as nitrogen and phosphorous removal, and can be ordered in sizes suitable for small two and three bedroom cabins up to large commercial projects. 


FujiClean aerobic treatment systems have been designed and developed in Japan, where space is at a premium. They are remarkably compact, yet provide higher quality wastewater treatment than most North American alternatives.  They are noise and odor free and simple to service.

A Fujiclean for every situation.
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