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Why choose a FujiClean
Aerobic Treatment Unit?

Fuji Clean advanced wastewater treatment systems are the most popular wastewater treatment systems in the world with over 2 million installed and operating around the globe.
Product Testing and Development
tank in garden.jpeg

The FujiClean Company focus is on constant product testing and improvement, resulting in the highest level of treatment with the most compact, efficient and easy-to-maintain design. 

Ease of Installation

With an integrated trash tank and extremely small footprint, our lightweight systems are highly maneuverable and adaptable; an ideal solution for tight, difficult sites.

Treatment Process
FujiClean ATU diagram-1.png

FujiClean treatment utilizes several proprietary types of media, flow equalization, and continuous recirculation; all in the same small tank using only a compact, reliable, and efficient air pump to both treat and move the wastewater. 

Environment & Sustainability
fuji kwantlen gabriel effluent sample (002).jpg

Even our small CE5 model (7.5ft x 3.5ft) can comfortably treat up to 4 bedrooms or 500-gpd, and produce a consistent effluent quality that exceeds Type 2 requirements, without the need for a trash tank!

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